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Compatible vs. Remanufactured - There is a Difference!

Don't let it happen to you! A rebuilt/remanufactured toner cartridge can dump toner inside your printer, destroying it. There is a huge difference between rebuilt/remanufactured and compatible toner cartridges. Compatible toner cartridges are built from the ground up with only new components, and have substantially better pricing than you can find at the office supply stores. We also carry ink for ink-jet printers.

Our Guarantee

If one of our toner cartridges ever causes a printer malfunction, we will repair the printer at no charge.

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Hewlett Packard Authorized Service Provider (ASP)

Discription Part Order# HP# Web Price

HP 1000/1200 Std Yld (2.5K) NER-7-7202 C7115A $64.95
HP 1100 Std Yld (2.5K) NER-7-1100 C4092A $49.95
HP 1100 Std Yld MICR NER-7-1110 C4092M $69.95
HP 1200 Std Yld MICR NER-7-7121 C7115M $94.95
HP 1300 Ext Yld (4K) NER-7-1311 Q2613X $84.95
HP 2100 Std Yld (5K) NER-7-2100 C4096A $84.95
HP 2100 Std Yld MICR NER-7-2110 C4096M $124.95
HP 2300 Std Yld (6K) NER-7-2300 Q2610A $119.95
HP 4/4+/5 Std Yld MICR NER-7-5810 92298M $89.95
HP 4/4+/5 Hi Yld (8.8K) NER-7-5800 92298X $49.95
HP 4/4+/5 Ext Yld (10.5K) NER-7-5820 92298 $54.95
HP 4/4m/5 Std Yld (6.8K) NER-7-5500 92298A $44.95
HP 4000 Ext Yld (10K) NER-7-7400 C4127X $74.95
HP 4000 Ext Yld MICR NER-7-7410 C4127M $139.95
HP 4000 Std Yld (6K) NER-7-7401 C4127A $64.95
HP 4100 Ext Yld (10K) NER-7-4103 C8061X $89.95
HP 4100 Ext Yld (10K) NER-7-4100 C8061X $99.95
HP 4100 Ext Yld MICR NER-7-4110 C8061M $149.95
HP 4200 Std Yld (12K) NER-7-4200 Q1338A $129.95
HP 4300 Std Yld (18K) NER-7-4330 Q1339A $149.95
HP 4500 Black Std Yld (9K) NER-7-7450 C4191A $59.95
HP 4500 Cyan Std Yld (6K) NER-7-7451 C4192A $74.95
HP 4500 Magenta Std Yld NER-7-7452 C4193A $74.95
HP 4500 Yellow Std Yld NER-7-7453 C4194A $74.95
HP 4L/4P Std Yld MICR NER-7-6310 92274M $89.95
HP 4L/4P/4MP Std Yld (3.35K) NER-7-6300 92274A $49.95
HP 4V/4MV Std Yld (8.1K) NER-7-6600 C3900A $74.95
HP 5000/5100 Ext Yld (10K) NER-7-5000 C4129X $89.95
HP 5L/6L Std Yld (2.5K) NER-7-7600 C3906A $44.95
HP 5P/6P Std Yld (4K) NER-7-7500 C3903A $44.95
HP 5P/6P Std Yld MICR NER-7-7510 C3903M $99.95
HP 5si/8000 Jumbo (17K) Reman NER-7-7930 C3909X $99.95
HP 5si/8000 Std Yld (15K) NER-7-7900 C3909A $79.95
HP 5si/8000 Std Yld MICR NER-7-7910 C3909M $159.95
HP 8100 Ext Yld (20K) NER-7-8100 C4182X $99.95
HP 8100 Ext Yld MICR NER-7-8110 C4182M $219.95
HP 8500 Black Std Yld NER-7-8500 C4149A $74.95
HP 8500 Cyan Std Yld NER-7-8501 C4150A $149.95
HP 8500 Magenta Std Yld N NER-7-8502 C4151A $149.95
HP 8500 Yellow Std Yld NER-7-8503 C4152A $149.95
HP 9000 Ext Yld (30K) NER-7-9000 C8543X $229.95
HP 9000 Ext Yld MICR NER-7-9010 C8543M $379.95

Call 800-688-7846 for Prompt Service Today
Hewlett Packard Authorized Service Provider (ASP)